Ashcombe Valley Archers is a field archery club founded in 1992 and run under the auspices of the NFAS (National Field Archery Society).

We cater for all styles of shooting using long bows, recurve or compound bows at our field archery course of 36 3D targets, set at unmarked distances in the fields and woods of our grounds near the hamlet of Rixdale in Devon. We are open 365 days a year to our members and to visitors who are full members of the NFAS.

We stage competition shoots at our NFAS field archery course and our members travel far and wide to go to other shoots around the country.

Some of our archers are leaders in their style, holders of records and are national champions.

We are a non profit making club, so all money earned through membership fees and staging shooting events is reinvested back into the club for the benefit of the members or renewal of equipment and targets to enable us to put on good quality shoots.

We welcome new members and visitors, you will need to be a member of the NFAS to shoot at our club, provisional members can only shoot when accompanied by a full member.

If you wish to join our club you must be a full member of the NFAS, to this end we provide two means of joining, either by attending a beginners course or if you are already competent with a bow (e.g. a member of AGB) then you can apply for provisional membership of the NFAS. Once you have the provisional membership you can then arrange for assessment by one of our coaches, and after acceptance by the coach you can then apply for full membership of the NFAS and become a member of our NFAS registered field archery club.

If you are already a full member of the NFAS you can shoot as a visitor at £5.00 per visit or you can join the club and pay the current annual fee of  £70.00.

Download our membership application form from here.

NFAS field archery club
Instinctive Archery at a NFAS field archery club
Shoot in our woods on our NFAS field archery course

Shoot calendar for 2024

3D Shoot: Sunday 25th August 2024. See the Shoot page or click the link below for more details.