If I have not shot before, or have only shot very occasionally (e.g. at country fairs, in the guides, scouts or at school) how do I learn the sport?

Ashcombe Archers runs beginners’ courses twice during the year (Spring & Autumn) for people who wish to take up the sport of archery. The courses are advertised on our website and on our Facebook page. We can accommodate up to 12 beginners on these courses and enquiries are taken on a “first come, first served” basis. We rely solely on adverts on our website, Facebook page and word of mouth.

How much does it cost to be a member of Ashcombe Archers?

Annual AVA Fee – £70 (Adult) £ 35 (Under 18’s)

Members of Ashcombe Valley Archers are also required to join the National Field Archery Society (NFAS). Their current annual fee is £20 for Adults and £10 for under 18’s.

What do I get as a Member?

Members are given access to our shoot ground 365 days a year, where a permanent course of 3D targets are set out in woodland and field locations. We also have a practice range with targets set at various distances to hone your skills.

We are currently testing the waters for an intra-club competition. This offers members the chance to experience an competition-style shoot, with some friendly faces and less pressure.

Also, providing there is enough interest from members, our Club Coach, with the help of other, experienced members, will look to host an “Improvers” course. This is aimed at members who have previously been on one of our beginners courses and wish to learn more about shooting mechanics and equipment maintenance and repair. Ready for when they are buying their own equipment.

Can I shoot your course without being a member?

In order to be allowed to shoot our course, for insurance purposes, you must be a registered member of the NFAS (Full or Provisional) or on our Beginners Course. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer shoots on our course without current membership. Provisional members of the NFAS can only shoot when accompanied by a member who has a Full membership and ideally has two or more years experience.

What types of bow can I use?

Our members use a variety of different bows, all of which are welcome on our grounds. These include: Longbows, Flatbows, Recurves and Compound bows. Each with a number of classifications of shooting style, so there is always something out there to suit your preference! 

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